ADA Accessibility Compliance Overview

The Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa is committed to making its property accessible to all guests, regardless of abilities or disabilities. If you have questions about the accessible facilities and services at the Resort, please call us at 518-523-2544 – Link opens in your default phone application.

  • The Inn features five ADA Accessible guest rooms located on various floors of various buildings throughout the property. These are available in both the “Lookout” and “Oak Knoll” room categories.
  • There are 4 accessible parking spaces located within 50 feet of the Main & Mountain View building entrances.
  • There are 2 additional accessible parking spaces within 50 feet of the Terrace building entrance.
  • Parking lots are all well paved and maintained.
  • Entrance from the parking lot to the main building has double doors that easily open.
  • The front desk, main lobby, library and living room are wheelchair accessible.
  • The View restaurant is wheelchair accessible.
  • Accessible public restrooms are available in the main building.
  • Elevators are available for easy access to all floors of the Main building, Mountain View building, and the Terrace building.
  • All meeting rooms are wheelchair accessible via elevator or level hallways.
  • The Spa and Fitness Center are located in the main building and are both wheelchair accessible via elevator.
  • The indoor pool and whirlpool are accessed through the spa and fitness center. There are no stairs or ramps needed to access these areas.
  • The indoor pool has an individual pool lift and the whirlpool has a transfer wall.
  • An elevator is located on the first floor of the Spa for easy access to both our Salon and Spa treatment rooms.
  • Hearing-impaired alert device for incoming telephone calls, alarms, and visitors at the door are available upon request from the Front Desk.
  • Service Animals trained to perform a specific task to assist a guest with disabilities are always welcome.

Food Allergies

  • We will always try to accommodate special dietary needs.
  • We do ask that guests provide us with at least 48-hours advance notice whenever possible.
  • Please note that though we do our very best, we cannot guarantee that food allergens will not be transferred through accidental cross-contact.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Mirror Lake Inn believes that the web should be open to all, regardless of sex, color, creed, or ability. That’s why this website is built to conform to the web content accessibility guidelines set out in the WCAG 2.0 + 2.1 for the purpose of making this website accessible to everyone regardless of any disability. It is designed and built to work with assistive devices and applications like JAWS and VoiceOver.

1. Certification

There is no formal certification process or entity that recognizes the accessibility of websites. Those that conform to the recommendations of WCAG 2.0 + 2.1 (web content accessibility guidelines) do so as a commitment to accessibility and adhere to universally accepted standards around these principles. It does not represent a review or validation of conformance by W3C or WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative). Rather it is meant to promote accessibility on the web and indicate a claim of conformance to a specified level of WCAG.
This website was also built to comply with the most current rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title III, administered by the Department of Justice in the United States / or your region’s equivalent accessibility act’s name.

2. Testing

Testing for the website is conducted with a combination of manual testing and the use of the following tools: Wave by WebAIM, Koa11y, and browser color contrast checkers to ensure compliance is met in the WCAG level A or AA. Items found are flagged and passed onto a team of digital strategists, developers and editors based on the issue (be it content or a functional area of concern) to be corrected.

3. Execution

We rely on a proprietary methodology and development framework that delivers a Level A or AA compliance for WCAG 2.0 and 2.1. Alongside resources that are provided at the beginning of our audit process, we conduct regular checks to ensure that content updates and edits continue to the desired level of accessibility and reflects changes adopted by the WCAG.

4. Feedback

We encourage feedback from users on how we can further improve accessibility to our website and/or any of our digital platforms by emailing us at – Link opens in your default email application..

5. Third-Party Sites

Third parties like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, OpenTable, Ratestrip, CreateSend, TravelClick, Nest, and Vimeo are not covered by this statement as we do not manage accessibility in those places. This includes any embedded item, iFrames, or API’s. Accessibility policies or terms of use for common third parties can be found below.