Staff Protocols

We recognize our staff is a major part in what makes the Mirror Lake Inn soo special, while you may not be able to see their smiles, the staff protocols we have put in place will ensure you are able to have the same friendly interactions with peace of mind.

  • In March 2020 the Mirror Lake Inn formed a COVID-19 task force who monitor the everchanging situation on a daily basis.  Working in conjunction with CDC and local officials the Mirror Lake Inn COVID-19 taskforce ensures safety protocols are updated, implemented and maintained throughout the resort.
  • All staff are educated on best infectious disease prevention practices in an ongoing effort to keep the Mirror Lake Inn property safe.
  • All staff undergo thermal imaging prior to the start of every shift.
  • All staff complete a state-mandated health and safety questionnaire prior to every shift.
  • Any staff member registering a fever greater than 100.4 or who is unable to positively answer the verbal portion of the health and safety screening will be unable to come on property until cleared by a healthcare professional.
  • All staff have been trained in the proper use of and wear appropriate PPE equipment while working in common areas, wherever social distancing is impossible and as otherwise mandated by New York State.
  • All staff are trained in and practice frequent hand washing/hand sanitizing.
  • Additional hand-washing stations have been installed in staff areas to ensure hygiene standards are maintained.
  • Standalone air filters have been added to back of the house staff areas.
  • UV-C HVAC filters have been added to back of the house air handling systems.
A dark hotel room with two double beds lit by the blue light of a UV disinfection light
Guest Room Disinfection.

Guest Room / Housekeeping Procedures

Being safe and comfortable in a resort environment means having a personal space that is immaculately clean, meticulously disinfected and a pleasure to spend time in.  While we offer the same level personal service as always, the way this looks in the time of COVID-19 is new.  With that, if you need anything while you’re staying with us, please reach out and we do everything to make your stay as special as ever.

  • Maximum hotel occupancy is reduced to 75%.
  • Guaranteed check-in time is now 4:00pm to allow additional time for cleaning & disinfecting procedures.
  • Whenever possible, guest rooms will be left vacant for 72 hours for the virus to die without a host after each guest departure.
  • If a guest room is unable to be left vacant for 72 hours, the guest room will be disinfected with hospital-grade, UV-C light-emitting units or treated with an Electrostatic Sprayer prior to the next guest’s arrival.  The room is then sealed and no staff is allowed to enter the space prior to the next guest arrival.
  • For your safety and for the safety of our staff, we have temporarily suspended normal in-room housekeeping service. Your room will be completely disinfected prior to your arrival. Upon request, we are happy to deliver additional daily amenities (linens, toiletries, towels, etc.) to your door. In an emergency situation, please contact the Front Desk and we will assist you.
  • Each guest room has its own climate control system. Guest room air-conditioning units intake fresh, outdoor air only, no air is recirculated or actively shared between guest rooms.
  • Due to the increased time required to properly clean & disinfect guest rooms, we are not able to grant any late check outs.
  • Turndown service has been temporarily discontinued.
  • All luggage carts are disinfected after each use.
  • All touch points in guest room are sprayed with disinfectant.
  • All guest room linen (bed linens, towels, etc.) is bagged in the guest room to reduce excess contact while being transported to the laundry facility.
  • All sheets, comforters, Gore-Tex mattress protectors, towels are removed for washing between guests regardless of whether or not they were used.
  • Bathrooms are cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant according to manufacturer recommendations while beds are made, and living/bedroom area is cleaned.
  • Furniture is moved during cleaning to ensure all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected.
  • All unnecessary items have been removed from guest rooms including: books, magazines, room guides, decorative pillows & blankets, etc.
  • All soft surfaces (cushions, drapes, etc.) are misted with disinfectant spray.
  • All remote controls, phones and hairdryers are disinfected and sealed in bags between guests.
  • Upon completion of guest room cleaning and disinfecting, the housekeeper dates and signs a seal to be placed on the door jamb to assure no one enters the room prior to the next arrival.
  • Guest Rooms are “single loaded” (all rooms face the lake), halving the guest density in all buildings and hallways compared to a traditionally constructed guest building. While the hotel was not designed “single loaded” with a pandemic in mind, we have long believed in the philosophical merits of private, secluded, personal spaces with limited traffic and low population density. After all, these ideas are the mark of luxury and what make the Adirondacks a wonderful place to vacation, especially during these times of social distance norms. We are the only hotel of this kind in the area.
Split image of the hotel lobby and front desk with UV light ceiling fans
UV-C Enabled Ceiling Fans.

Technological Upgrades

There has been a continuing emphasis on technology as a solution to may COVID-19 related issues.  We are continually implementing the latest protective equipment and technologies to not only keep you safe but make your stay as comfortable and seamless as possible.

  • All door locks have been retrofitted to be keyless and can be controlled via your smartphone.
  • Common area ceiling fans (check in, bar, lobby, library, conference center, Cottage Café) have been retrofitted with “Haiku Clean Air System– This link opens in a new browser tab” UV-C enabled units.
  • Remote check-in is available via a smartphone app, allowing you to check in from your vehicle upon arrival, avoiding the traditional check in process.
  • Hospital-grade, UV-C disinfecting tools have been deployed throughout the property to ensure the highest levels of cleaning and disinfection.
  • Hospital-grade, electrostatic sprayers have been deployed throughout the property to ensure the most thorough levels of disinfection on high touchpoint areas.
  • We have implemented “to-go” apps for our dining facilities, allowing guests to order and pre-pay electronically from their own device.
  • Scannable QR codes menus have been enabled to allow guests to view dining menus via their smartphone device.  Paper menus are available upon request.
  • Combination UV-C, HEPA and Ionization standing air filters have been deployed throughout common areas.

Common Areas / Miscellaneous

A favorite part of the Mirror Lake Inn are our beautiful common areas.  It is our goal to ensure time spent in our common areas is relaxing and the protocols we have in place allow you complete peace of mind as your relax and unwind.

  • All guests* and employees are required to wear a mask when in indoor common areas including hallways and elevators, wherever physical distancing is not possible, and as mandated by New York State (neck gaiters and bandanas are not effective face coverings).
  • We ask that only 1 member of your party come to the Front Desk to check-in upon arrival to allow for proper social distancing between guests.
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been added throughout the property (elevators, entrances, lobby, registration areas, restaurants etc.).
  • Pens and key cards are disinfected in UV-C light boxes after each use.
  • All common areas are cleaned and disinfected on an hourly basis during normal business hours with a focus on “touchpoints” such as: door knobs, elevator buttons, entryway door handles, handrails, faucets, toilet handles, soap dispensers, light switches, etc.
  • Monofoil D– This link opens in a new browser tab, an antimicrobial disinfecting polymer with an efficacy period of up to 30 days, is used on high touch surfaces in concert with the enhanced cleaning protocols.
  • Physical barriers have been placed at all registration desks (restaurant, spa, registration, etc.) to provide separation during guest transactions.
  • Social distance markers have been added in all high traffic areas.
  • Additional seating areas and fire pits have been added throughout the grounds to enable safe social distance between groups of guests.
  • Outdoor firepits have being installed to provide additional areas to safely congregate.
  • Valet service has been temporarily discontinued.
  • Beach/pool chairs and shared equipment are disinfected at regular intervals or after each use.
  • Bathroom facilities have been added to the private beach area.
A snowy outdoor eating area with two ski gondolas
Converted Whiteface Mountain Gondola Dining Cabins.
Split screen of a bar and seating area with plexiglass barriers at the Cottage Cafe
Physical Barriers in the Cottage Cafe Dining Room.
A bright dining room with wood floor and panelling at The View restaurant
The View Restaurant With New Hard Surface Flooring.

Dining Facilities

Dining is integral to the resort experience, and we feel strongly about providing only the best and safest dining experiences.  With the extensive protocols in place at the View and the combination of indoor and outdoor dining options at the Cottage, we aim to deliver great food in a safe and comfortable environment.

General Dining Protocols

  • Restaurant seating capacity has been reduced to meet NY State guidelines.
  • Physical barriers have been added to host stands and bar tops to provide separation during guest transactions.
  • All dining patrons are temperature screened prior to entering the restaurants.
  • Prior to dining service, the dining room, bar and lounge are disinfected using our hospital grade UV-C units.
  • Silverware is pre-wrapped and disinfected.
  • Straws are pre-wrapped and unopened.
  • Salt and pepper shakers have been removed from tabletops.
  • All computers, credit card machines, wine lists, etc. are disinfected between every guest use.
  • Containers for leftover food are provided upon request, however the guest is responsible for handling and packaging their own food.
  • Physical barriers have been added to all areas where adequate table distancing is not possible.

The View and View Lounge

  • The View Restaurant has been expanded to allow for appropriate social distancing between tables.
  • UV-C HVAC filters have been installed in The View restaurant and lounge.
  • Tables are disinfected with UV-C light disinfecting wands between each guest seating.
  • All table linens are replaced after each guest seating.
  • Breakfast is temporarily “to-go” or “room delivery” style.
  • Carpeting has been replaced by hard-surface flooring within all primary dining areas to allow enhanced disinfection.
  • UV-C enabled ceiling fans have been installed in the View Lounge bar area.
  • Single use menus will be provided for each guest.

The Cottage Cafe

  • Wait list pagers have been replaced with a text message service to limit common touch points.
  • Tables are disinfected with a combination of UV-C lights and hydrogen peroxide disinfectants between each guest seating.
  • The Cottage seating area has been expanded to include a heated outdoor tent to ensure proper distancing.
  • Two former Whiteface gondolas have been retrofitted with heat, lighting and a table to serve as outdoor dining pods.
  • Single use or QR code menus are available.
  • UV-C enable ceiling fans have been installed in the main Cottage dining room.
  • UV-C filters have been installed in all HVAC systems.
A restaurant dining area lit by the blue light of numerous UV-C disinfecting lights
UV-C Lights Disinfecting the View Dining Room.

Spa & Salon

  • Physical barriers have been placed at the Spa Desk to provide separation during guest check-in and transactions.
  • Treatment scheduling has been altered to ensure ample time to fully clean and disinfect all treatment surfaces and equipment between customers.
  • Gym facilities and equipment is cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals and between guest use.
  • UV-C and HEPA filters have been added to the gym HVAC systems.
  • Social distance markers are in place in high traffic areas.
  • Occupancy in the Salon service areas is limited to one manicure or pedicure at a time.  Exceptions are made for customers who are booking their services as a group.
  • Gift shop occupancy will be limited to one customer or family group at a time.
  • UV-C HVAC filters have been installed in both the Men’s & Women’s sanctuary areas.
  • UV-C filters have been installed in all air exchanges between spa treatment rooms.

Ski Rentals

With safety in mind, you will enjoy the luxury of avoiding the lines and potential congestion in local shops or at the mountain by taking advantage of our in-house ski rental program. Once again we will offering performance adult skis, boots, poles and helmets and we have built upon last year’s pilot program by expanding our offerings for the 2020/2021 season to include new top of the line premium ski rentals from the Head Snow-sports 2021 line.

  • In-room boot fitting is temporarily suspended.  Fittings will be conducted at the Mirror Lake Inn Ski Room on the ground floor of the Mountain View Building.
  • All equipment (skis, boots, poles and helmets) are disinfected after every use, using a combination of UV-C and chemical disinfectants.

The protocols outlined above have been put in place for the safety of our guests, employees and the local community. Until such a time as we, in conjunction with the State of New York, determine that it is prudent to relax these protocols we will strictly adhere to them without exception. We understand if you are either unable or unwilling to comply with the protocols. Unfortunately, if this is the case, we will be unable to serve you at the Mirror Lake Inn at this time. We apologize and genuinely look forward to serving you in the future when we are able to lift the protocols.

*As per the Governors Executive Order– This link opens in a new browser tabof May 29, 2020