Lake Placid's Finest

Family-Owned Since 1924...

The Mirror Lake Inn has always been known for sports-related innovations. After alpine skiing was introduced to the area, the Mirror Lake Inn set up the first rope tow powered by electricity on Dream Hill behind the Inn. In the late 1940s, the first snowmaking machine ever seen in this area was purchased by the Inn to ensure proper ski conditions on Dream Hill.

Mrs. Wikoff’s father built the first bobsled run; it was originally used for hauling deer out of the woods, down Dream Hill and onto the lake. The Mirror Lake Inn was the first in Lake Placid to have a skating camp, housing many future world figure skating champions, such as Dick Button, Toller Cranston, Tab Hunter, Dorothy Ann Nelson, Pieter Kollen and many others.

Parties and contests were always in progress at the Mirror Lake Inn. Winter guests enjoyed moonlit cross-country ski excursions and sleigh rides to a cabin in the woods where steak-or flapjack-eating contests or lively dances would take place. The Fox Trot and the Black Bottom were the rage!

Up until 1978, when construction of the new buildings began, the Mirror Lake Inn consisted of several private cottages surrounding the main building. One of these was built specifically for Kate Smith in the early 1950s. She and her staff occupied this cottage until her large camp on Lake Placid was completed.

Canoeing at Mirror Lake

In 1976, a New Jersey business executive, an avid skier enamored with the Lake Placid/Adirondack region and its hearty and healthy lifestyle, scrapped his corporate life and moved to the community. He was charged with managing the Inn, and if Mrs. Wikoff approved of his capabilities, Ed Weibrecht would become the new owner of the resort. The transition occurred a year later, and the rest, as they say……

The Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa has been AAA Four Diamond rated for over 3 decades, beginning in 1984. Not even the events of Jan. 10, 1988 could disrupt that impressive streak. On that night, the main building of the hotel was lost in a tragic fire. But like the Flight of the Phoenix, it was rebuilt that year and returned to life in the same tradition of genteel elegance for which it has achieved renown.

The Mirror Lake Inn has always been known for having the best and most delicious food in town. The Wikoffs had their own vegetable garden (where the Terrace Building now stands) and raised their own pigs and cured their own bacon. They bought only from local farmers, setting up special arrangements to ensure long harvest periods and freshly picked vegetables. Even today, in keeping with this tradition of freshness, the Mirror Lake Inn harvests fresh herbs from its own herb garden and maintains relationships with some 10 farms within an hour’s drive. The farm-to-table concept here dates back many years. The Inn was and still is famous for its season menus in its restaurants. But one item, Adirondack Flapjacks served with hot maple syrup, is served year-round and helps guests fuel the start of their day.

Ladies biking at Mirror Lake Inn

Visitors continue to be provided with these same time-honored traditions under the proprietorship of Ed and Lisa Weibrecht. Good food and always warm and hospitable service were a tradition then, as they are now at the Mirror Lake Inn.