Published on: October 17, 2021

Dog friendly activities in Lake Placid

Lake Placid – As we look around this Upstate New York community, more and more we see visitors bringing Fido with them. And why not? There’s as much for dogs to do here as there is for the rest of us. Let’s outline some dog friendly activities.

We’ve often heard visitors tell us that they sleep better here than they do at home. The reason is the multitude of activities Lake Placid offers them. That exercise is good for the body, mind and soul. Well, dogs are the same way. Those of us who are dog owners can attest that after an hour or two in our Adirondack environment, the family pet is invigorated and ready for a good nap!

The Mirror Lake Inn has a collection of dog-friendly rooms and is conveniently situated overlooking Mirror Lake. Just exit the hotel and take your pet on a nice, low-impact, 3-mile walk around the lake. It’s all paved and brings you through Main Street. As we know, people love dogs and many a friendship has started as the result of such a walk. You’ll even find spots where your dog can cool his jets in the lake.

Dog being walked
Many residents and visitors walk their dogs on Main Street and around Mirror Lake

If you’d like to venture a bit off the beaten path, we recommend Henry’s Woods and Heaven Hill Farm. Both are within a few minutes drive of our Inn, and take you on well-prepared trails. Henry’s Woods can give both of you a great workout. Venturing to the summit will accumulate nearly 30 stories of vertical climb. Using the main trails cuts that number to 12-14 floors. The total walk is about 3 to 3.5 miles.

Heaven Hill Farm has beautiful, shallow trails and includes a walk in the meadows that’s an excellent choice for younger and older pets.

Any age dog will love John Brown’s Farm. It’s one big, circular walk.

The Peninsula Nature Trails are off Saranac Avenue and accessed between the Quality Inn and ‘Dack Shack. A nice leisurely walk will bring you both to Lake Placid lake, and you know what that means! Splish-splash with other dogs!

Changing seasons, Lake Placid accommodates dogs in the winter just as well. Virtually everything our four-legged family members can do in summer they can also enjoy in winter PLUS run around and raise a ruckus on frozen Mirror Lake. Of course, we have to keep a close eye on them in the colder weather, but many breeds love running through snow, emulating the sled dogs that chauffeur visitors around the lake.

Let’s not forget, that dogs need to be rewarded. They respond well to our love and encouragement, so when you’re here, make it a point to visit Critters, a dog-friendly souvenir shop on Main Street.

Are we lucky to live here with our dogs? You bet, and we look forward to meeting yours.

For more information on connecting your pet to Lake Placid, please visit BringFido – This external link opens in a new browser tab..