Published on: September 30, 2019

Foliage nears peak

LAKE PLACID – As foliage nears peak in the Northern Adirondacks, we wanted to capture the beauty of the Lake Placid region at this time of year. The source of our info is the weekly report from I Love NY, which queries their leaf watchers around the state and issues this tourism guide.

It appears that we’ll have another 2-3 weeks of this splendor to gaze at each day, hoping the weather cooperates.

Assessing the report, the best and most widespread colors, currently, are in the Adirondack Mountains – This link opens in a new browser tab. No surprise, given how elevation, and accompanying temperatures, play a role in the process. In this part of the state, it begins earlier and ends the same. The wise peeper would start their foliage tour in the north and gradually work their way south.

Closing in on our region, foliage nears peak in October on golf courses which provide some of the best leaf peeping anywhere. Our sister property, the nearby Whiteface Club and Resort, delivers the autumn palette without fail. The signature 6th hole is depicted on this page to the right. This image was taken in mid-October 2018.

On occasion your blogger drives around Lake Placid to check foliage in the neighborhoods. Years of experience and timing will always bring us to spots that just seem to be a bit further ahead of other parts of town. It’s difficult to figure out why – we just admire the changeover for what it is.

Once we pass Oct. 15, we expect to see the colors begin to fade away. We hope they’ll hang on – it’s occurred in cooperative autumns – but we are aware that moisture-laden early season snow, or some rain and wind, will close that window on us. Then we look back on the previous six weeks and appreciate this most colorful and beautiful time of the year.