Published on: April 26, 2021

Mirror Lake Inn elopement

LAKE PLACID – Needless to say, COVID rearranged many wedding events and schedules in 2020, not only in Upstate New York but everywhere. A deeper dive finds that wedding experts such as The Knot reveal that the smaller event was catching on even prior to the pandemic. Of course, since spring 2020, that idea has certainly not waned.

For starters, let’s realize that eloping was part of the marriage lexicon well before COVID-19 affected all aspects of our lives and the planning of events. Why eloping instead of executing the large, well-planned wedding is not for us here to pass judgment. There is a comfort level that comes into play. says that some people just don’t want to be the center of attention, hence, elopement is their perfect solution.

Wedding at Mirror Lake Inn
COVID and personal preferences have led to smaller weddings

There is also the spur-of-the-moment couple who keep the plan strictly between themselves and a site that they’ve selected for their special occasion. The parents and many friends find out later, although you may want to invite a handful of guests/witnesses to your special occasion.

No matter what level of elopement you choose, you should make plans to capture the moment. recommends hiring a local planner, photographer and videographer. This will work in conjunction with a post-event celebration when you return home. Don’t forget to send out the invites first 😊. The video and photos will bring your guests into your ceremony, albeit belatedly.

Also, it’s recommended that you select a wedding dress and make sure to take care of the legal details including an officiant and witness. Check with local authorities to make sure your elopement satisfies their requirements. The local planner, in our case Stephanie Lange, will give you the needed guidance. And if you want a special, memorable officiant, the Mirror Lake Inn offers Andrew Weibrecht, an Olympic silver and bronze medalist in alpine skiing. If the couple are skiers, consider accompanying Andrew at nearby Whiteface Mountain as part of the elopement. He does this routinely and exclusively for hotel guests. This would make your Adirondack wedding celebration extra special and memorable.

If this all sounds enticing to you, consider the Mirror Lake Inn for your elopement. Our package is complete.