Olympic Ski Jumping Complex

The renovated jumping complex, with 90-meter and 120-meter ski jumps, was used for the 1980 Winter Olympic competitions. Most recently, the new, enclosed SkyRide gondola was installed at the complex to bring visitors from the base area to the top of the 120-meter hill. From there, you can take the 26-story elevator ride to the top of the 120-meter tower. Make sure your electronic device is fully charged because the views from there, especially in fall foliage season, are stunning and unparalleled. You will also get a ski jumper’s perspective on the daunting athletic task before them.

Adjacent to the ski jumps, the complex offers a freestyle aerial skiing hill. This is the sport where competitors launch 60 feet into the air and perform spinning and twisting tricks prior to landing on snow.

Both aspects of this venue are also used in summer: ski jumpers train using artificial surfaces that replicate winter conditions, and freestylers use kickers to elevate themselves before landing into a massive swimming pool with an aerated surface to cushion the blow.

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